Tips For Creating A Home Movie Room

Who wouldn’t want to have there own home movie room? But where to start? It can seem like an overwhelming task but really it can be quite simple.

1. This seems like an obvious observation but you should definitely start with choosing the room in your house that you would like to make into your home theater room. This decision is entirely up to you, whether you want a bigger movie room or a smaller movie room just be sure there will be enough room for however many people you intend to invite over to watch.

2. Consider your budget. Before you begin decide how much you are willing to put forth towards your home movie room. If you want to have a simple theater than naturally you will need to put less money aside for the project then if you want a room full of high end, top of the line, high definition equipment. That being said you should start with the basic essentials you would need for a home movie room: The TV and sound system and while you’re in the midst of completing your project you can certainly add the extras in the process.

3. The most important feature should of course be purchased after you decide your budget and how big you plan to go. That feature is the TV. You don’t necessarily have to get the biggest TV you can find because you definitely don’t want the TV to take up the entire room nor do you want it so big that you’re having to crick your neck just to look at the entire picture. You also don’t want to get a television so small that you are squinting to have to see it. Again, consider the size of the room you are using and where you will potentially be placing you seating this should give you an idea of the perfect size TV for your room.

4. Make your movie room feel like a real theater. Depending on how many people you intend to have enjoy your movie room will depend on how many seats you would like to add but purchase comfortable seating. No one wants to go to the theater and be uncomfortable, right? One way to make your movie room comfortable and give it a real theater feel is to use recliners. They’re comfy and you can kick your feet up. You can add 2-3 recliner in a line next to each other with 2-3 more in front or back of those. The good thing about recliners is that they can generally be set to different levels of height so you won’t need to worry about anyone blocking someone else’s view.

5. Lighting is next. It is very distracting when you are watching a movie on your television and you have just that little glare of light that makes it hard for you to see that one spot on the TV. Not only is it distracting, it is frustrating. You definitely do not want to experience that in your movie room. If you have a room with no windows that would make a great theater room. If not, do your best to make sure you stop all outside light from coming in. Block the window with a board and use dark curtains to get the light out of the room. You can even use solar shades which have been known to block almost 100 percent of light from entering a room. After you have done this you can even add decorative drapes over top to give the window more of a theater feel.

6. Of course you don’t want wires hanging everywhere and with a TV, DVD players and possibly sound system in tact chances are there are quite a bit of cords. Hide them. A good way to do this is to build (or have them built) custom cabinets that fit the TV as well as any sound system in which you have connected for a better sound.

7. Sure TV’s can get loud but you may want a better sound. This is not an absolute necessity but certainly something to consider. To get more of a real theater experience a surround sound system may be the way to go. It also may not be quite as hard as you thing. All you really need to do is place 3 or more speakers around the room, hook ’em up and you will have more of the surreal experience that you get at the theater.

8. Something just for fun. Everyone always wants snacks when they go to the movies. A fun experience for all would be to add a mini popcorn machine in the back of the theater (or a microwave with bags of microwave popcorn) or even a smaller cabinet somewhere out of the way full of movie theater box candy.